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The authentic taste of Indian food is quite difficult to get but at HOTELHILLTON Palace we serve your favorite dishes in their authentic form. To offer the very best in quality Food and dining maintaining the highest standard of quality, hygiene, service and customer satisfaction. As well known we are doing great foods every day with special and also we provide cultural oriented food for every festivel like New Year Clebration,Navrati,Diwali,etc.,

Why Us

Why Choose Our Restaurant


Delicious Food

Tastes great! Eating something delicious right now? Really good! Here's something else you could say instead of delicious. ...


Service Quality

Service quality is a measure of how an organization delivers its services compared to the expectations of its customers.



A food experience refers to the combination of technology and enjoy a meal to create a new level of engag. between customers & restaurants.

Menu Specials

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Soups & Shorba Special

Soup is a primarily liquid food, generally served warm or hot, that is made by combining ingredients of meat or vegetables with stock, milk, or water.

Dry soup mixes are sold by many manufacturers, and are reconstituted with hot water; other fresh ingredients may then be added.
Cold soups are a particular variation on the traditional soup, wherein the temperature when served is kept at or below room temperature.

Starters & Salad Special

A salad can be a composed salad (with the ingredients specifically arranged on the serving dish) or a tossed salad (with the ingredients placed in a bowl and mixed, often with salad dressing).

A salad is a dish consisting of mixed, mostly natural ingredients with at least one raw ingredient. They are typically served at room temperature or chilled, though some can be served warm. Condiments and salad dressings, which exist in a variety of flavors, are often used to enhance a salad.

Hillton ki Rasoi Special

Paneer is an Indian cheese that's made from curdled milk and some sort of fruit or vegetable like lemon juice. There are some distinct traits that make Paneer the cheese that it is: It's an unaged cheese. It's a soft cheese.

Paneer is the most common type of cheese used in traditional cuisines from the Indian subcontinent. It is sometimes wrapped in dough and deep-fried or served with either palak paneer or paneer. Paneer can be sweet, like the shahi paneer, or spicy, like the chilli paneer.

Dal & Rice Special

Dal may be cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, chili & tomatoes in addition to lentils or beans.

Dal is frequently eaten with flatbreads such as rotis or chapatis, or with rice.Dal preparations are eaten with rice, chapati and naan on the Indian subcontinent. The manner in which it is cooked and presented varies by region.

Beverage Drinks Special

Increases the energy.Choose a sugar-free cola instead, or even better, switch to water or unsweetened tea or coffee.

soft drink, any of a class of beverages, usually but not necessarily carbonated, normally containing a natural or artificial sweetening agent, edible acids, natural or artificial flavours, and sometimes juice. Natural flavours are derived from fruits, nuts, berries, roots, herbs, and other plant sources.

Kids Special

The kids' meal or children's meal is a fast food combination meal tailored to and marketed to children.

Encourage your child to eat a variety of fresh, canned, frozen or dried fruits.


Organize Your Events in our Restaurant

Birthday Parties

The birthday is a time to celebrate and we all have different outlooks when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Some like to party outside, some prefer being at home and enjoy with family, some like to do get together with friends, and some want to party at home with close ones. Everyone has a different way to celebrate.

he birthday invitation wordings are informal invitations that share celebration details. These invitations are an attractive piece of information. We have an amazing collection of birthday invitation wordings for birthdays of different age groups.

Wedding Parties

You're Engaged, Congratulations! We know this dream to get Married is special.

You want the wedding of your dreams without compromise. A ceremony expressing the heart. Food which is delicious and tempts seconds. We don’t want you to wait for information, to compromise your dream, to apologise to family and friends for the quality of ceremony music or the food not being delicious.

we have 3 beautiful reception rooms and a stunning lawn for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a space for your engagement party, wedding ceremony or reception, we have the perfect space for you.

Private Parties

Give your guests a break from the glass and steel world of business and dress your event to impress. Design your meetings to wow your attendees.

  • Private Metting to Sucess Your Company
  • Company news and announcements.
  • Corporate employee engagement plans and events.
  • Team and staffing updates.
  • Challenges and issues.
  • Ideas and suggestions & Strategy review.


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